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Pre Decision Planning

Do you need the basic information to make an informed decision on whether this structure is the best option for you?

Get the assistance you need from our PMA Advisors to establish your own PMA or unincorporated ministry. 

Our PMA advisors can assist you with the basic education on the PMA structure and provide references to the legal background of these protections. Contact one of the PMA Advisors listed on out "Team" page.


PMA Power is a project of David vs Goliath Ministries.

With this project, we focus on education and consulting in order to ensure you have the information needed to make an informed decision on the protections you choose for your business and activities.

Our trained PMA Advisors are independent consultants. They have the training and resources to ensure you have everything you need for your decision on the structure of the PMA.

PMA/Ministry Development

Once you have the information needed to make a decision, should you decide the PMA or unincorporated Ministry is the best option for you, the PMA Advisors can assist you with properly preparing your founding documents to establish your PMA/Ministry.

Proper preparation may be the most important decision you'll make related to the PMA/Ministry. Every protection you have the ability to invoke will be determined by the wording within your founding documents and every protection you give up will also be determined by the wording of your founding documents. Make sure these are drafted properly to maximize the protections you're putting in place.

The experts in education and assistance in establishing your own Private Membership Association. All business remains a private contractual matter between PMA Power and our members. 
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