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Although the concept of protecting your private business within the private domain may be new to many people, it's not a new concept. The distinction between public and private has always been there and, in generations passed, it used to be common knowledge. We use the term "separation of domains" primarily because that is language the courts have always used.

Nowadays, we are commonly taught that if we conduct business it should be within the public domain and we should be asking for permission (license) to conduct our private business. If we choose to ask for permission and conduct business within the public domain we are subjecting our business and activities to the regulation of public law and statutes. We need to learn how to conduct our business and activities within the private domain as a private contractual matter instead of making our private matters subject to the regulation of public law. Keep in mind that law says "no state can pass any law that impairs the obligation of contract". You see this when you read the constitution. We should be keeping our business and activities a private contractual matter and we should be taught to know what people used to commonly know.

This is what we do. We teach people what they should already know and we assist them in taking their business and activities into the private domain and outside of the jurisdiction of government to license, regulate, or interfere with. Public law governs public business and public activities. Stop making your private business public and putting it under the jurisdiction of public law. Stop asking permission. 

Strategic Planning


There are several different ways your private domain entity can be structured to protect your business activities. Whether your needs are a Private Membership Association (PMA), a Private Education Association (PEA), Private Health Association (PHA), Private Social or Fraternal Club, a Ministry or faith based organization (FBO), or even if establishing an unincorporated Church, we can assist you in determining which structure is the best option to suit your needs. The one thing that absolutely MUST remain consistent is that your Founding Documents MUST be properly drafted to ensure they are NOT "statutory compliant" documents. This is the most common method of voluntarily surrendering your protections and most association founders are not taught this. Our team is trained to know the difference and will assist you in understanding the difference so you can avoid unknowingly surrendering your protections by making your association subject to public law.   

Executive Coaching


Why is the education and consulting so important? Our Advisors are taught to have a clear understanding of a side of law that has always been there, however they are expanded to provide an understanding that even the countries best law schools don't teach. Our advisors are not licensed attorneys but there is a valid reason why they are not licensed attorneys. They are not bound by the restrictions placed upon a licensed attorney as a matter of public law. They are not in a position to represent you in any legal matter, They are available to educate you to be capable of standing up for yourself in a manner that law has always said is your right. The information taught is all solidly based upon long standing supported case law dating as far back as 1803.

Is this information I must have in order to found and operate my own PMA? The answer is no. You can found and operate your own PMA or other private association without the knowledge of why your freedom to do so is protected, however those protections and information may become more important if you ever have the need to defend your association or if you have the need to educate an attorney on some matters that aren't a part of the formal law school education.

Leadership Guidance

Our team members are not "business coaches". It is not their responsibility to coach or teach you on the decisions you'll make to operate your own business.  They are simply here to educate you on the options you have for the business structure you choose to operate under. There are times when it may be beneficial to you or your business to maintain a presence in the public domain as well as a private side. That's a decision that only you can make for yourself and you should have the information available to you to make an informed decision.

The guidance offered by our advisors is as a consultant to provide a structure for your business and activities that provides the most complete protections for you. These advisors are also trained to, and available to. prepare properly drafted foundational document packages for your association to ensure those protections are available for you to invoke, if needed. 

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Video Tutorials 
Dr. Layne Linebaugh DC PHA- PMA Talk with Guest Amber Sonsalla

Dr. Layne and Amber discuss Private Education Associations and other Private Domain entities including various Ministries structured as an "umbrella" for faith-based activities.
Dr. Layne Linebaugh DC PHA-
Private Membership Associations Talk with Aaron Bowman
In this fun and informative video, my colleague Aaron Bowman and I talk about PMA's, what each of us is doing in PMA land, how it started for us, Health Associations, Ministries, Banking options, and more. Enjoy!
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Free Church vs State Church. The protections of the mandatory exception under 26 USC508 (c) (1) (a).

In this video, we go over some of the "legal" language within these different tax codes, 508(c)(1)(a) and 501(c)(3) non-profit. We talk about mandatory exemptions, unincorporated, free church, state church, faith-based organizations, ministries, reporting, non-filing, and more.
The Liberty Dollar Financial Association Is A PMA and Provides A Much Needed Option For Private Banking and Financial Stability.

The Liberty Dollar is a Private Currency, backed by Silver. Since most people already know that Federal Reserve Notes are a fiat currency and the value of the US Dollar is not backed by and resource any longer, having the ability to trade in a private currency physically backed by silver is an important option. Watch the video then follow the link below and open an account, even if you're not ready to make any deposits yet. Keep your finances in the private domain.
Liberty Dollar (
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