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PMA Power is a part of David vs Goliath Ministries and teaches how to keep your business and activities a matter of a private contractual obligation. Keeping those activities outside of the jurisdiction of government to regulate or interfere with under public law. Keep in mind "no state can pass any law that impairs the obligation of contract".

As more people learn the message I've been sharing for almost 3 decades, they want to continue to share and educate others on the protections people are no longer aware they have. When a few exceptional people stood out and wanted to take that farther, and become capable of helping people to implement those protections, instead of just teaching them, they began learning how to properly draft founding documents for the associations and ministries in a manner that doesn't "voluntarily" give up our protections and maintains that private contractual relationship. After learning, and putting into practice what they have learned, some of them have joined my team as independent PMA/Ministry Advisors. I'm proud to be able to present a few of them to you here. Feel free to reach out to any one of them individually or use our sites contact page to inquire about establishing your own PMA/Ministry. 

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David Edwards

Founder & Ministry Director


I have been in Law since 1984 and teaching the protections of the private domain for over 26 years now, however I am not a licensed attorney. As you come to gain a better understanding of the private domain you'll also come to understand why I have never been a licensed attorney. If I had followed through on that path I would have restrictions of public law imposed and wouldn't be able to do what I do now. I chose to forego those restrictions and have the freedom to teach what used to be common knowledge but is no longer openly taught. I chose to put the protections of our freedoms and liberties above my previous career goals. My business activities are no longer governed by public law and remain a private contractual matter between my members and myself. 

Amber Sonsalla

PMA Advisor


As a mother, a natural healthcare provider, a homeschool advocate, and a Freedom of Medical Choice advocate, I was forced to dive in and learn the protections available to us within the private domain. After learning many of the things that are no longer commonly taught in our society, I knew the only choice I had was to learn as much as I could and use that knowledge to educate others and help them to properly implement their own protections. Government was established for a specific purpose and that is the purpose they should be limited to. That purpose does not include interference in our private lives.

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Daymond Jones

PMA Advisor​


After 40 years in law enforcement, including my career as Chief of Police, I decided it's time to retire from public life and to put my experience to work helping people use law to protect themselves and their business activities from government overreach and intrusion. Although still semi-retired, I now have my own established ministry, am teaching people about the protections of operating within the private domain and helping them to take their business activities there to invoke those protections.

Carlene Frusteri

PMA Advisor


I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a wife, a mother of two, a mother-in-law and a grandmother. I am absolutely passionate about TRUTH, JUSTICE, HEALTH and FREEDOM!! I am a minister, an evangelist, a healer, a business owner, a caregiver and an advocate. Having children that were injured by vaccines and medicine, and the medical community completely unable to help me when I was dying, has made me a huge advocate for medical freedom! I have received my healing by faith in God’s Word; and by the things He created for our bodies to heal themselves! I believe education should be the responsibility of a parent; not the government. I love helping people with financial responsibility while also following the law and having integrity! Helping people establish Private Membership Associations is truly a fulfillment of God’s promise in my life!! I am very humbled and grateful.

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Nicole Martins

PMA Advisor


I am a believer, patriot, mama, and health advocate. I am eager to fight for freedom and take back our country that has been subjected to tyranny. I believe: to do nothing in the face of evil, is in fact evil itself. It is our duty as Americans to stand up for what is right, for the sake of our children , and future generations. Our founding fathers secured our God-given rights in our U.S. Constitution, and We The People need to learn how to practice those freedoms we possess. For far too long, Americans have been ignorant to the Blessings of Liberty in this country, and it is about time we start declaring them !

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Dr. Layne Linebaugh

PMA Advisor​

I am a Chiropractor (both human and animal!), Author, Restorative Yoga Teacher and Recovery Coach. I have a deep reverence for God, Mother Earth and the freedoms we have been promised as Man and Woman Kind. Converting my business to a Private Health Association was a no-brainer for me. Supporting others to do the same and restore our rights was the next right step. I have a clear mission to provide the best Chiropractic and Freedom care to all that are ready and willing. Together we are a powerful, light-filled force creating the sovereign world that was intended for us all along.


Amber Wright

PMA Advisors


Alighten came to Amber in the summer of 2018 during a spiritual awakening and channel writing session.  She saw that we are surrounded by Angelic helpers and Spirit Guides who are ready to work with us in our creations, if we only ask, open, and allow for their assistance.  After many years of studying business development processes, accounting, personal finance and investment vehicles, Alighten was on the backburner while considering opening as a 501c3, but with the 40-something pages of application and 200-something pages of instructions, a very healthy block was reached (standstill), until Alighten became a Ministry in 2021. Operating as a Private Member Association allows us the FREEDOM to follow our hearts FULLY to do God's work.

With the team at Alighten, she offers a program for LEARNING CENTERS in the private domain through an online course with a database of templates and administrator processes called How to Start a Learning Center in 12 steps, from practical and spiritual perspectives.  In addition to supporting community centered education, Alighten is also a network of holistic healthcare practitioners offering healing workshops, ceremonies and our yearly summer festival.  She is passionate about collaborating with other PMA's and believes this is one of the many steps to taking our country back.

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Text: 425-470-0685

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