Our Team of Trained, Knowledgeable PMA Advisors is Growing.

As more people are being trained to assist others in learning about the private domain, and helping others to properly establish their own private associations and private social clubs we want to ensure you have access to them so you can be comfortable in knowing these advisors are more than capable of assisting you in protecting your own business or activities. Our advisors can provide you with all of the information you need to determine which type of private association, faith based association, or ministry can afford the most protections for your specific activities. Feel free to reach out to whichever PMA Advisor you feel most comfortable with and you can be assured all of our Advisors are fully capable of helping you.

ERIKA PIC Walton.jpg
Erika Walton

PMA Advisor

Erika’s career has been aligned with her heart since the very beginning when she started her own jewelry business at 15 years young.  She was a successful jewelry designer for 11 years, until her heart was guided to create more purpose driven businesses, including curating an all-life encompassing program called Destiny By Design.
Through listening to the Great Spirit and learning to heal herself through natural medicine, she has served as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, a business mentor, lifestyle developer, communication course and abundance coach.  
Erika’s mission in life is for people to create the life of their dreams filled with abundance, purpose, health, and passion.  At the very root of all that she teaches is the experience of personal freedom, which is why she encourages others to establish their business as a Private Membership Association.  By structuring a business as a PMA, people free themselves up, are able to easily create the business they’ve always imagined opening and own their God given Power.

Sarah DuVon

PMA Advisor


Many years ago, I became aware that our world was not running the way we were being told. Very few people knew this and the ones who understood this were not talking about it.  Since that time, it has been my vision that the world would wake up and ban together to take our lives and freedoms back. That time is now!  I am so proud to be working with David on this most important mission to bring PMA protections to our Communities, Businesses, and Families. I look forward to working with you to stand in your rights as men and women on your own terms.

             ~Sarah has a passion for the truth, she is a relentless researcher always following new leads to a better understanding. As a world traveler she spent many years in different countries learning their cultures. Sarah believes in kindness, self-sufficiency and the human race. Sarah has a background in Economics, Emergency Medicine, Education, and Sustainable and Eco friendly Building.

sarah DuVon.jpg
Angela Gasior

PMA Advisor


I’m a follower of Jesus, wife to a Godly and patriotic husband, and mama of the best frog catcher in South Jersey.  In my short lifetime, I’ve witnessed the exploding need for autonomy advocates to expose and reject the subversion of individual rights.  The power of the American individual and the American family cannot be underestimated; it is what truly made America great.  Formerly a public school music teacher, I believe deeply in parents’ right to direct their children’s education and medical care.  I also believe God gave us an abundance of plants and animals with which to nourish and heal our bodies and have built our home around this belief.  We are reclaiming our power and freedom to associate by way of this Constitutional gift from our Founding Fathers.  Liberty requires bravery.  The burden of this Liberty is now necessary and has never before been more worthwhile than in this very moment.

Angela Gasior.jpg
Jonathan Kavner

PMA Advisor


Jonathan is a classical homeopath and personal development coach who has been involved in the New York homeschooling community since 2019. A father of two, Jonathan had spent twenty years in executive management before transitioning into the world of holistic health. As someone who has always walked the line between authority and individual liberty, Jonathan assists others looking to separate themselves from the public domain through the use of PMAs and is available for consultations regarding how best to accomplish this in one’s own life.

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